Its is a service provided by Jarir bookstore that enable a customer to trade-in their old device and get the value as a discount to buy a new device.

  1. Jarir Bookstore trade-in service allows you to exchange your existing electronic devices for a discount on a new device of your choice.
  2. It is allowed to replace products from the following categories (smartphones, smart watches, laptops, tablets) and is allowed to be exchanged for a discount on all products and services at Jarir Bookstore.
  3. Each customer is allowed to upgrade a maximum of three devices within one month.
  4. The service allows to trade up to three old devices to get a new one provided that the new device is higher or equal to the value of the trading voucher.
  5. Trade-in Self-Assessment Report is not considered an official quotation. Quotation will be issued after visiting Jarir Bookstore Showroom and will be graded by the responsible employee at Jarir Bookstore.
  6. The device will be graded by the responsible employee at Jarir Bookstore and classified based on the age of the device, its condition, and the accessories brought with it.
  7. The following cases are not accepted in the trade in service:
    1. Having a personal account in the device.
    2. Having a pass code or digital lock in the device or Network lock.
    3. The activation of “Find My” for Apple devices. To learn how to turn off Find Apple Devices please visit the Page.
    4. Blurred device serial / IMEI numbers.
  8. It is advisable to back up the files and then make sure that they are deleted from the device, Jarir Bookstore disclaims responsibility for any consequences of not deleting the data.
  9. Completing the trade in process requires obtaining the customer's data such as email, name, mobile number and national ID/residence number and the required signatures, and in the event that the customer refuses to provide the information, Jarir Bookstore has the right to refrain from providing the service.
  10. The customer can cancel before completing the trade-in process but once it is completed the device cannot be returned as Jarir Bookstore policy for exchange and return will be applied as described in the purchase invoice.
  11. Once the replacement request is completed, it is not allowed to return or request for the replaced device (old device).
  12. The voucher must be used on the same day as its issuance and in the same showroom that issued it and the customer is not entitled to claim it after its expiry and can retrieve his old device in case the trade-in process is not completed.
  13. Ownership of the device passes to Jarir Bookstore after completing the trade in process and cannot be returned to the customer, including but not limited to accessories received with the device (screen protector, data saved on the device) .
  14. The value of the replaced device or part of it cannot be obtained in cash.
  15. In the event of a manufacturing defect in the new device, Jarir Bookstore's exchange and return policy will be followed as described in the purchase invoice and website.
  16. The trade-in service is available at Jarir Bookstore showrooms in Saudi Arabia, except the airport showrooms, King Abdulaziz Airport and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport.
  17. Jarir Bookstore offers additional support on some products, up to 15% of the value of the replaced device. The support is subject to the following conditions:
    1. The old device must be purchased from Jarir Bookstore, presenting an invoice might be required.
    2. Serial number or IMEI of the device must match with the invoice.
    3. The old device must be purchased within 3 years from the date of trade-in transaction.
    4. This support cannot be combined with any other trade-in offer.
    5. If additional support is added, more than one device may not be replaced in the same operation

  1. What products are supported in the exchange program?

    You can exchange any of the smartphones - tablets, iPads, laptops, and smart watches to get a discount that includes all products and services sold at Jarir.

  2. Can I replace a damaged or broken device?

    Yes, all damages and faults can be accepted but the grade will change.

  3. Do you need to bring accessories?

    In general, it is not required to bring accessories, but not bringing an accessory could affect the device's grade.

  4. Can I request a Trade-in if I did not purchase my old device from Jarir Bookstore?

    Of course, all devices are accepted even if they were not purchased from Jarir Bookstore.

  5. What is the validity of the exchange discount coupon?

    The coupon is redeemed at the same time

  6. Can I benefit from the gifts offered with the device if there is a special exchange offer from one of the brands (for example: Samsung)?

    Please review the terms and conditions of the exchange offer. The customer can benefit from any offer unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of the offer.

  7. If I purchased the replaced device from Jarir Bookstore, will I get a better price?

    Yes, for devices purchased from Jarir, the customer receives an additional support of 15% of the evaluation value, provided that the device was purchased within 3 years.

  8. Can I know the trade-in value before heading to the showroom?

    Yes, you can make an initial evaluation of the trade-in value through the website

  9. The value of my old device is 700 riyals, can I buy a product worth 650 riyals?

    Sorry, any product whose value is less than the total value of the trade-in devices cannot be purchased.

  10. Can Jarir customer support be combined with manufacturer support?

    No. Jarir Bookstore support cannot be combined with other trade-in offers.

  11. why the website it’s pricing different from your existing pricing?

    A commitment is made to share the evaluation with the customer and clarify the different answers.

  12. I evaluated my device at another showroom and the price was better. Why?

    A commitment is made to share the evaluation with the customer

  13. Can I replace more than one device when I get additional support?

    No. Jarir Bookstore support cannot be combined with other Trade-in offers

  14. Can I transfer data and take a backup of my data?

    Yes, you can take a backup copy of your data in the cloud, and we can help you transfer the data to your new device for a fee for the service.