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No worries anymore with Total Protection Service on Electronic Devices!

Protect your device for up to 36 months against any accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, like broken screen and liquid damage, where we will repair or replace your device at a fixed service fee, saving you money and time, inconvenience of not having a working device.


Now Total Protection Service covers multiple categories of electronic devices other than smartphones and tablets, like smartwatches, gaming consoles, Laptops & PCs, and TVs

How can I repair or replace my device?


You can visit the nearest Jarir showroom to you and visit after sales service section to submit the device
In case you bought it online and there is no Jarir bookstore showroom in your city you can contact the call center 920000089 and they will send a courier to collect the device


Service Benefits

Diamond Package

Platinum Package

Golden Package


36 Months

24 Months

12 Months

Service Timelines

*Working days 5 - 10

*Working days 5 - 10

*Working days 5 - 10

Number of Coverage

6 repairs or 2 replacments

**4 repairs or 2 replacments

2 repairs or 1 replacement

Extended Warranty

One year



* The repair service timeline does not include delays from service fee payment or customers not turning off their Google Account/iCloud/Find My iPhone or removing any user/password/personal data.

** For Plans Purchased Before 2023/03/21 Number of Coverage will be : 2 "Repair" or "Replacement"


What are the Packages for Total Protection service?


Device Value
(Covered by the service)

Packages Fees

Gold Package

Palatinum Package

Diamond Package

(4600-7699) 499 *749
(3500-4599) 399 *599 *899
(2900-3499) 349 449
(2100-2899) 299 349
(1200-2099) 249 299 -
(499-1199) 119 179
(4600-7699) 499 *649
(3500-4599) 399 *499 *799
(2900-3499) 349 399
(2100-2899) 249 299
(1200-2099) 199 249 -
(499-1199) 119 179
Smart Watches
(2000-3699) 299 379
(1000-1999) 199 299 549
(249-999) 99 199 -
Laptops & Desktops
(6000-7699) 999 1199
(4000-5999) 749 999
(2000-3999) 499 699
(699-1999) 249 399
(6000-9999) 1349 1699
(4000-5999) 799 1099
(2000-3999) 549 699
(699-1999) 299 399
Gaming Consoles
(499-3499) 299 449 649

* Value Protection Service

(The service is for smartphones and tablets within the indicated Platinum and Diamond Tiers):

- It is a service that enables you to upgrade your device and get a 50% of your current device value as a discount on your new device; if you buyback within first 13 months. This is subject to the following conditions:

• Purchase the Platinum or Diamond package with the old device and the new device.

• Delivery of the old device at any time during the first 13 months from the date of purchase.

• The old device should pass the service inspection (check details on the website)

• The service is for mobile devices and tablets only


What is the Total protection service from Jarir?

The factory warranty protects your device from all manufacturing defects. While the total protection packages provide you with the service of repairing your device from accidental malfunctions outside the warranty, which include a broken screen or exposure to liquids, and if repair is not possible, the device will be replaced.

What are the advantages of comprehensive protection service for smartphones?

  • • Repairing the device from accidental malfunctions outside the warranty, which include a broken screen or exposure to liquids, at a specific and fixed price (repair fees).
  • • If your device is damaged beyond repair, you can pay (replacement fee) and your smartphone will be replaced.
  • • Repair service is carried out by a professional technical team and certified repair operations.

What items are not covered?

The total protection service does not include cases of theft, any intentional damage, or complete damage to the device. This also includes repair operations outside the manufacturer’s centers or parties approved by the manufacturer. The service is not provided in the event of a shortage in the basic components of the device.

What motivates me to subscribe to the total protection service on my device?

Your new device is protected from the factory with a warranty on manufacturing defects only (manufacturing defects). Therefore, the factory warranty does not protect accidental faults such as screen breakage and exposure to liquids, which represent more than 95% of the problems to which owners of electronic devices are exposed.

With the total protection service, we will repair your device for a specified and fixed fee in advance, or replace your device for a specified and fixed fee as well, in a short time, and to avoid spending huge amounts of money on repairing or replacing your device.

How can I subscribe to the service?

You can subscribe to the service at the time of purchasing the device, whether from Jarir Bookstore showrooms or from the Jarir website. You can also subscribe to the service within 14 days by visiting the store or through the website:

What are the Repair and Replacement Service Fees?



Device Value



Smartphones & Tablets

SR (499-1199) SR 99 SR 199
SR (1200-7699) SR 99 SR 399

Smart Watches

SR (249-999) SR 99 SR 199
SR (1000-3699) SR 249 SR 249

Laptops & Desktops

SR (699-1999) SR 199 SR 499
SR (2000-3999) SR 199 SR 799
SR (4000-5999) SR 349 SR 999
SR (6000-7699) SR 349 SR 999


SR (699-1999) SR 199 SR 299
SR (2000-3999) SR 199 SR 499
SR (4000-5999) SR 349 SR 999
SR (6000-9999) SR 349 SR 999

Gaming Consoles

SR (499-3499) SR 99 SR 399

Fees are paid in advance at the time of repair or replacement after confirmation.

* VAT Inclusive

What do I do when I want to repair my device?

You can visit the nearest Jarir Bookstore branch in your city and visit the after-sales services department to deliver the device.

If you purchase through the website and if there is no Jarir Bookstore branch in your city, you can contact the unified call center at 8003034444, and a representative will be sent to receive the device.

We, in turn, will transport the device to the service center for the purpose of repairing or replacing the device.


How long will my device take to be repaired?

We repair or replace the device within a period of time of 5 to 10 working days.

The duration of the repair process does not include the customer’s delay in paying the fees, failure to disable the accounts on the device such as Find my iPhone/iCloud/Google Account, or failure to cancel the password and private information before receiving the device.


What is value protection from the total protection service?

Value Protection is a new additional feature of Jarir’s total protection service for subscribers to the Platinum Packages 4 and 5 and the Diamond Package only for smartphones and tablets.

Total Protection Service customers whose smartphones and tablets have not been exposed to accidental malfunctions and have not benefited from repair and replacement services can benefit from this new feature, as the value of your smartphone or tablet purchase will be protected by 50%, offered as a discount when you want to upgrade your smartphone or tablet. For a new device within 13 months from the date of purchase


What condition is a smartphone or tablet eligible for an upgrade?

The device must be in perfect condition and without any repairs or replacements performed on the device due to accidental malfunctions outside the warranty.

All accounts on the device, such as Google Account/iCloud/Find My iPhone, must be disabled.


What are the criteria for accepting devices for the value protection service?

- The device is not bent, not damaged, or is the battery not swollen?

- The back cover of the device is in good condition (no problem with scratches or light dings)?

- The camera is working well?

- Face ID works well?

- The SIM card works well?

- All buttons work in good condition.

- The screen and device body are not damaged?

- The touch screen works well?

- The screen does not contain spots, marks, blemishes, or signs of damage due to liquids?

- The device is working normally?


Are device accessories included in the comprehensive protection service?

Device accessories are not included in the TPS service, so please keep and do not hand over any accessory associated with the device (box, documents, data cable, memory card, SIM card, charger, battery, pen/stylus, PS controller, etc.) to Jarir.

- Determining the type of service (repair or replacement) is done by the service provider according to the condition


Can I decide to repair or replace the device?

The type of service, whether (repair or replacement), is determined by the service provider according to the condition of the device and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some devices are not repairable and must be replaced directly. To know the maintenance procedures for your product, please contact the manufacturer.


What happens if the same device is not available?

If an identical device is not available for replacement, the customer will be notified to choose a device in another color or a device with specifications similar to the original device will be provided.


Can I cancel the service after purchasing?

The service cannot be canceled after subscribing, and the amount cannot be refunded.


Is the service from Jarir Bookstore?

This service is provided by a third party through Jarir Bookstore.


Does the service include scratches or dings?

No, the service only includes accidental damage, which is physical damage to the device resulting from unexpected and unintended external means, as this resulting physical damage interferes with the proper operation of the device and does not include dings and scratches.


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