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Jarir Services Center

Jarir Bookstore proudly provides after-sale service for a long list of global brands. All of the warranty services and repairs provided by Jarir Bookstore are under authorization from the manufacturer. This means that your device will be handled by professional and certified engineers and repaired using genuine spare parts and components.


* Jarir services center available in all showrooms in Saudi Arabia except for Rashid Mall (Khobar), Airports Showrooms.


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Jarir Services Center

Smartphones, Tablets & Smart Watches
  1. Full Set-up Package Smartphone / Tablet (Recommended)

    This service included:
    1.Device Initial Setup.
    2.Email – Account Setup.
    3.Screen Protector Installation.
    4.Data Transfer.
    5.Applications Installation*.
    6.Device Function Check.

  2. Device Initial Set-up

    Setting up the device initial operating system and updates. Linking personal accounts with device functionality check.

  3. Screen Protector Installation**

    Install the screen protector with installation guarantee without technical error.

  4. Data Transfer

    Transfer content, photos, text, message, calendar, and call history. Most of application can be transferred.

  5. Full Set-up Package Smartwatch

    Activate your watch and link it to your smartphone. Install updates, screen protector & check the device functionality.

Computers & Peripherals
  1. PC Full Set-up Package (Recommended)

    This service included:
    1.Device Initial Setup..
    2.Email – Account Setup.
    3. Microsoft Office Installation.
    4. Anti-virus Installation.
    5. Applications Installation*.
    6. Data Transfer.
    7. Device Function Check.

  2. Initial Set-up PC

    Yes, all damages and faults can be accepted but the grade will change.

  3. Do you need to bring accessories?

    Setting up the device initial operating system and updates.Linking personal accounts with device functionality check by a qualified team.

  4. Antivirus Installation*

    Install and activate anti-virus software and required updates by a qualified team.

  5. Application Installation*

    Through the service we will install desired applications on your device.

  6. Microsoft Office Installation*

    Install Office applications and required updates by qualified team.

  7. Printer Set-up

    Activate your printer and link it with your device to take advantage of its features by a qualified team.

  8. Data Backup/Transfer

    Backup all information so that you can save a copy of your data and transfer it to another device.*Customer must provide data storage.

  9. Operating System Installation

    Install the operating system and necessary updates by a qualified team.

Other Services
  1. Router Set-up

    Set-up routers with all necessary system updates by a qualified team.

  2. Gaming Consoles Set-up

    Activate your device with a new personal account & update OS. Device functionalities will be tested.

  3. Installation of Chairs & Office Supplies

    Assemble your gaming / office products correctly by our qualified team.

  4. Other Device Set-up

    Preparing electronic products and linking them to smart phones or computers. Device functionalities will be tested.

Maintenance Service *For in warranty and out of warranty devices
  1. Device Upgrade Service (RAM & Storage)

    Upgrade your HDD with new SSD storage to improve device speed or upgrading your RAM. *Prices varies depending on SSD capacity.

  2. Spare Parts / Accessories Order Services

    Order genuine external spare parts for your devices with a warranty.*Prices varies depending on spare parts / availability.

  3. Home Collection and Shipping***

    This service included: • Initial diagnosis of your device by phone
    • Receive your device from home.
    • Shipping your device after completing the maintenance process

  4. Home Delivery Services***

    Shipping your device after completing the maintenance process.

  5. Device Cleaning

    Clean dirt and dusts by professional technicians to avoid damages on your device.

Terms & Conditions
  1. • All services are provided in Jarir Bookstore showrooms only unless stated otherwise.
    • Customer are advised to make Back-ups for their data before servicing the device. Jarir Bookstore is not responsible for any data or pre-installed software.
    • Jarir Bookstore is not responsible for any damage or malfunction discovered later and not reported by the customer when submitting the device.
    • The customer needs to show the service invoice to collect the device.

    *Free and paid applications can be installed. The application needs to be bought separately.
    ** Screen protector need to be bought separately.
    *** Home shipping service depends on the shipping company, and in some areas, it may be to receive the product at the nearest branch of your shipping company.