iPhone 15 Pro Max 256 GB

iPhone 15 Pro Max 512 GB

iPhone 15 Pro Max 1 TB

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iPhone 15 Pro 256 GB

iPhone 15 Pro 512 GB

iPhone 15 Pro 1 TB

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iPhone 15 Plus 256 GB

iPhone 15 Plus 512 GB

iPhone 15 128 GB

iPhone 15 256 GB

iPhone 15 512 GB

Terms and Conditions :

1. Trade-in Offer allows you to trade in your old Smartphone for a brand new iPhone 15 Series at a discounted price.

2. This offer will give you an additional value 15% with your old device’s value. For example: When you trade-in your old iPhone 14 pro (256 GB) and it was in a good condition, and the showroom gave you SR 2900 as a value. We will offer you 15% as an additional value which means (SR435). So as a result you will have SR3335 as a discount on your new device.

3. The trade in device can be at any condition, Devices will be tested in Jarir Bookstore. If the trade-in device does not meet the given conditions, customer will only allow to do trade-in in a different grade.

4. Only Smartphones are allowed to trade-in.

5. Once the old device is successfully tested inside Jarir Bookstore, the customer will be able to complete the trade-in transaction and get the new iPhone 15 Series at a discounted price.

6. Only device is required for trade in ( No Box or any accessories not required ).

7. Each customer is allowed to trade-in maximum 3 devices in single transaction and customer can use maximum 3 transaction maximum during this promotion.

8. Customer will receive one voucher for the replacement process.

9. The device that the customer will trade-in does not have to be purchased from Jarir Bookstore.

10. Once the device is traded-in and transaction is complete, No return is allowed for traded in device (Old Device).

11. The Trade-in device cannot be redeemed for cash. The new iPhone 15 Series Pro can’t be returned even if sealed.

12. In case New iPhone 15 Series is defective the standard Jarir return policy will be applied.

13. Evaluation of the device is at complete discretion of Jarir Bookstore. Jarir has the right to REJECT any device that doesn’t meet the requirement.

14. The following cases are not accepted in the trade in service:

A. Having a personal account in the device.

B. Having a pass code or digital lock in the device.

C. Blurred device serial numbers.

15. Completing the trade in process requires obtaining the customer's data such as email, name, mobile number and national ID/residence number and the required signatures, and in the event that the customer refuses to provide the information, Jarir Bookstore has the right to refrain from providing the service.

16. It is advisable to backup the files and then make sure that they are deleted from the device, Jarir Bookstore disclaims responsibility for any consequences of not deleting the data.

17. Ownership of the device passes to Jarir Bookstore after completing the trade in process and cannot be returned to the customer, including but not limited to accessories received with the device (screen protector, data saved on the device).

18. The service allows to trade up to three old devices to get a new one provided that the new device is higher or equal to the value of the trading voucher.

19. The voucher must be used on the same day as its issuance and in the same showroom that issued it and the customer is not entitled to claim it after its expiry and can retrieve his old device in case the trade-in process is not completed.

20. The customer can cancel before completing the trade-in process but once it is completed the device cannot be returned or clamed as Jarir Bookstore policy for exchange and return will be applied as described in the purchase invoice.

21. The trade-in service is available at Jarir Bookstore showrooms in Saudi Arabia, except the airport showrooms, King Abdulaziz Airport and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport.

22. This promotion is valid in KSA Showrooms only. Starting from Sept 22 till Sept 30, 2023 or until stocks last.