Terms & Conditions

1. Pay with Tamara Option is valid on Jarir.com

2. Pay with Tamara is eligible for all Categories.

3. Minimum invoice value is SR 200, and maximum invoice value is SR 9,000.

4. Items bought with Tamara can’t be returned in cash.

5. For return/exchange, please refer to Jarir Bookstore’s return and exchange policy.

6. Jarir Bookstore has no obligation for issues like Accounts, Payments in Tamara App or Web. For all technical-related issues Please Contact Tamara

7. Service fees will be applied when using Tamara, for details, please refer to the table below - Service charges are non refundable.

8. Customer must use the mobile number registered with Absher

9. Customer must settle all overdue payments with Tamara

10. Customer must clear prior financial commitments with any bank or telecom company.

11. Age 18 Years and older

Service Fees are applied when using Tamara, details of fees are as follow: