Warranty Policies

1. All electronic devices sold at Jarir Bookstore are warranted for a minimum of two years except for accessories and peripherals.*

2. The original invoice is required to verify the serial number and validate the warranty period in order to benefit from warranty services.

3. Warranty Providers:

3.1 The device’s warranty is provided by the warrantor, which is the manufacturer of its official agents if the manufacturer is not available legally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is subjected to the warranty policies of the manufacturer, which can be found either on the product manual or the official website of the manufacturer. Customer can contact the warranty service provider directly in order to obtain the required service as per the rules and regulations.

3.2 Warranty & Maintenance services provided by the warranty service are not under the responsibility of Jarir Bookstore. This includes spare part availability, repair period and/or quality of repair in addition to repair cost and all types of compensations or complaints. Customer can contact the warranty service provider directly in case of complaints or any other concerns.

3.3 Jarir Bookstore provides its own warranty on some devices in order to ensure the highest quality of service. For more details about the warranty, please visit the product page on the Jarir Bookstore website.

4. General Warranty Policies:

4.1 The warranty repair period takes up to 14 days for defects that are covered under warranty, where the required period to provide spare part from the manufacturer is excluded.**

4.2 Warranty is provided by replacing defective spare parts in case of a factory defect and not necessarily by replacing the device or refunding its value. Failures resulting from the following scenarios are excluded from warranty service:

     4.2.1 Misuse of the device or not following the proper usage instructions as provided in the device manual found inside the box or the instructions given on webpages or digital agreements upon the device activation.

     4.2.2 Breakage, dents, or an exposure to the external factors such as liquids, moisture or high heat.

     4.2.3 Attempts repair or maintenance process by unauthorized party that is not approved by the warrantor as well as using non-SASO certified spare parts.

     4.2.4 Operating system malfunctions or software malfunctions whether caused from the installed. applications by the customer or previously installed applications on the device.

     4.2.5 Deleting Operating System files, hard-disk partitions or virus-related issues.

     4.2.6 For products that do not have a warranty policy described in the warranty manual or the manufacturer's website, the above conditions apply in addition to the points shown in the table below*:

Product Type

Warranty Coverage


Warranty Covers the following points: 1.Zipper not working

Computers & Smartphones

2 years warranty covers the devices only. Accessories have 1 year warranty unless is mentioned in the product manual.

Back cover

Warranty Covers the following points:

1. Changes in the size of the cover

2. Malfunction in the device battery “for Smart covers with batteries”.

3. Functionality of the Device’s buttons because of the back cover.

Screen protectors

Warranty Covers the following points:

1. Changes in the color of the screen protector

2. Functionality of the touch sensitivity of the device.

3. Loose glue.

4.3 Customer has the right to get a replacement product after paying the fair usage price or a refund after deducting the fair usage value in the cases that are qualified under the rules, regulations and laws of the Ministry of Commerce.***

4.4 The life-cycle of products may differ from one another and customers can review the product manual or contact the manufacturer for more details.

4.5 Jarir Bookstore is not responsible for any service performed without an official document from Jarir Bookstore.

5. Maintenance Regulations

5.1 Personal Data and information on device it is under the customer responsibility, and we advise the customer to make a back-up for the data and information before preforming maintenance on the device. Warranty service provider is not responsible for any data or information loss.

5.2 Warranty service provider is not responsible for the loss of any installed software.

5.3 The customer agrees to remove all pass codes and passwords related to the device or its applications such as iCloud from Apple or any similar applications. Otherwise, the Warranty service provider has the right not to conduct any repairs.

5.4 Customer agrees to have his device repaired by a qualified technician that has the right to open the device without permission from the customer if required.

5.5 Warranty service provider is not responsible for any defect or internal damage that are discovered and was not reported by the customer when submitting his device.

5.6 Customer needs to present the original delivery form upon receiving the device, or else the device will not be handed over to him.

5.7 The amount of 1 KD will be charged as storage fees for device left more than 3 months without collection after the customer was informed of its readiness for pickup from After Sales Service corner.

5.8 The time period required to obtain information or approval from customer is not included within the repair period. This includes:

     5.8.1 Obtaining PIN number or passwords for locked devices.

     5.8.2 Obtaining payment related to repair process (if any).

     5.8.3 Obtaining Approval for certain warranty procedures such as ordering spare parts for out of warranty fixes.

     5.8.4 Obtaining accessories or peripherals that are needed for additional diagnosing such as batteries, chargers or any other accessories.

     5.8.5 Obtaining the original receipt of purchase.

5.9 The warranty service provider is not responsible to return the add-ons to devices such as screen protectors and plastic covers in case maintenance procedure is required to remove the added piece.

5.10 The customer agrees to share his data (Name, Contact number, Email address) with the service provider, who might share the data with the manufacturer.

5.11 Incase the repair was not covered under warranty, the customer will be offered a quotation with a date validity of 7 days. In case the part was paid for, the customer will receive the old parts****

****Except for the parts detrimental to the environment, and Apple parts which will be returned to the manufacturer.

We are happy to serve you by contacting us on the number 1801802

*Accessories warranty is subjected to the terms and condition of the manufacturer warranty policies, which is explained in the product manual.

**might require longer period for out-of-warranty repairs depending on the spare parts required.

***Fair usage and depreciation are calculated at 5% for each month that passes from the date of purchase given that their value does not exceed 80% of the product’s value.