Corporate Governance

Embarking on keenness of the company to work in accordance with the Regulations of Corporate Governance issued by Capital Market Authority, along with the international principles and standards issued by international economic organizations, and in accordance with best practices of international companies and big economic organizations, Jarir Marketing Co. delivers you principles, policies and rules of the company for on Corporate Governance, and the internal detailed regulations offset of them. All documents are available in Arabic and in English.

The company considers its regulations of Corporate Governance as a start point of a new era of comprehensive Governance that goes on with ambitions of the company to reach a high regional level, and a unique international status.

The company continues its efforts to adopt international business best practices, to enhance the level of transparency and disclosure, to spread the culture of Corporate Governance in every section and department of the company, and to assure the organizational commitment through the collaboration of the Board, Executive Management, and employees.

The Company affirms the commitment to adopt best practices in all fields in accordance with principles of good Corporate Governance to reach ideal level guaranteeing leading and progressing. The Company also appreciates efforts of Saudi Capital Market Authority in this field, considering the Authority a main partner in achieving financial stability, establishing its rules and protecting rights of stakeholders.